Doxo bill payment service


We are not Doxo!

If you have made a payment on the Doxo site you can contact them at 206.319.0097

What is the Doxo service?

Doxo wants to help customers manage their statements.  They do this by allowing people to signup for free to receive all their statements in one place.  Then the customer can login and view current and past statements.

How does it work?

The customer can signup and have their statements sent to Doxo. Then the customer would log in to Doxo to view their statements and see what they owe. This does allow the customer to view many different statements using one login. The issues we have heard with this is that they are slow to get the statements loaded. Sometimes by the time, the statement is loaded and the customer is notified it is too late to make a timely payment.

Doxo makes money by doing bill pay for the customer. This isn’t anything that is set up with the biller. In fact, it slows down the payment to the biller considerably. The reason for this is the payor first needs to pay Doxo the money. Depending on the payment method it will take anywhere from 2-7 business days for Doxo to recognize the money. Once they have the money then they will send a paper check via mail to the biller. This adds on even more time. The total time to make a payment to a biller is typically one to two weeks. We do not recommend this service to customers.

Should your customers use it?

We do not recommend people use this service. The one exception that we can think of is if a customer needs to pay a statement with a credit card and the biller doesn’t accept credit card payments. In that case, then it may make sense to the customer. Of course, the customer would need to think about the time frame required before the biller would receive the money.

How does Doxo make money?

Since Doxo isn’t set up and working directly with the biller, they make money by charging convenience fees. These charges vary depending on the payment type. Customers may also pay more money to expedite the payment.

Who uses Doxo?

Doxo works carefully on search engine optimization to get listed on the results page on various search engines. While they may not be the top result often times they are on the first results page. When a customer clicks on the link they will be taken to a Doxo site that uses the biller’s logos, email addresses, phone numbers and so forth. This makes the customer think that Doxo is working with the biller. They will even have links that take the customer to the biller’s site. At the top is a “Pay Bill” button. The entire site is designed to make the customer feel like they are paying the biller using the billers preferred online payment method. Doxo does show something similar to: “Logos and other trademarks within this site are the property of their respective owners. Doxo is not an affiliate of biller’s Name“.

Is Doxo a scam?

In our experience, Doxo does pay the biller eventually. They also do have wording on their site that lets customers know what to expect. So in that sense, this is not a scam. The problem with Doxo is most customers don’t realize that the biller will not be notified of the payment for up to two weeks. So customers can have utilities shut off and receive late payments even though they think they have paid their bill. So while it isn’t a scam in the complete sense of the word, we do not think most people that use it realize what is happening and they do not realize that there is not a relationship between the biller and Doxo.

Can I remove our utility from Doxo?

Doxo claims that they can not remove a listed company from their database.  They say this is because the information was added by a user.  If there are errors I am sure they are happy to update your company profile.

Should I warn our customers?

I do not think this is something you want to send out to your customers.  The reason for this is most customers will only read a little about it.  Then as they are searching for bill pay and your utility using Google they will see Doxo.  At that point, they will remember reading something about it and think that must be the correct place to go for online bill pay.  It is much better to just make sure your staff is aware of the issue so they can address it as it turns up.

We are not Doxo!

If you have made a payment on the Doxo site you can contact them at 206.319.0097