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meter_bypass_device_scamWhat is it?

We have been made aware of unauthorized door-to-door salespeople or telemarketers using your utility’s name during sales pitches. The salesman will tell the person that they are either with the utility or endorsed by the utility. In this way the get an added measure of validity from the home owner. They then give their sales pitch to sell anything from insulation to hot water heaters. While some utilities do offer rebates for energy reducing appliances and home improvements, most do not endorse individual businesses. Homeowners should be wary of anyone claiming to be endorsed by the local utility. In many cases, once the salesman has gained the homeowner’s trust, they will sell products at a higher-than-normal price or lower quality. 

How does it work?

An unauthorized sales person will contact a homeowner in your service territory and tell them that they, or the product they are selling, is endorsed by your utility. Your utility has no control over the cost, quality, or effectiveness of the item being sold.


While it is important to let your customers know that conservation is important to your utility, your customers should be aware that the utility company does not endorse individual companies selling appliances or brand-specific energy-saving items. If your utility offers rebates or incentives for installing high-efficiency equipment or making energy-efficient home improvements, let your customers know that the rebates are based on the projected energy savings, not on the brand of the equipment or the company selling it. Make sure your customers have access to conservation tips and ideas that are supported by independent analysis of the projected energy savings and costs involved.

Contact NeonLink, LLC if you would like your customers to have access to on-line tools that let them independently calculate their household-specific cost savings from taking different actions to reduce their energy or water consumption.