In addition to everything that is included in NeonLink’s ePackage®, NeonLink’s optional Print+ package® will put the enhanced energy consumption detail directly on each customer’s monthly printed utility bill. NeonLink’s Print+ package® integrates the charts and targeted energy-saving advice as part of the printed utility bill you mail to your customers each month. The main benefit of adding the Print+ package® option is that it proactively puts detailed energy-consumption comparison information in front of every customer each month (as opposed to hoping the “paper-bill only” customer visits the web portal or utilizes the mobile app). This option is available for a small additional cost per printed bill.
Both the ePackage® and the Print+ package® can, at your option, let each of your customers compare their own electricity usage each month to a statistically significant peer group of customers in your service area who live in houses of similar size and age. Print+ package® with the peer-group comparison option has been third-party proven to be effective in driving energy efficiency. NeonLink’s printed on-bill reports, specifically those with the you-versus-the-peer-group energy comparisons, have been able to reduce the average energy usage of consumers by 1.5% to 2.0% when compared to a typical printed utility bill. This may be an important factor if you need to reduce your purchased power or generating costs, or meet internal or externally-mandated energy conservation goals for your utility.

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