We can easily generate electronic billing statements that are identical to the paper billing statements you currently mail out. In addition, we will seamlessly integrate with your current billing software to provide your customers with new, beautiful and informative “enhanced” utility bills that can be delivered via email and, at your option, printed and delivered by U.S. mail. (In most cases these new bills can be printed by your current printing vendor, or we can print and mail them if your vendor does not have color or graphical printing capabilities.) Regardless of bill delivery method, our “enhanced” bill presentment uses cutting-edge energy analytics and applied behavoiral science to more fully engage your utility customers with their energy use. Our enhanced bills also include energy saving tips that are tailored to be specific to each customer’s own energy usage characteristics. The tips provide specific savings estimates that will result from implementing these suggestions.

NeonLink’s enhanced utility bills will also be made available to your customers through a web portal and a mobile application.   The web portal has several easy-to-use tools such as a customer-specific home energy audit and “calculators” to show how much electricity every type of appliance the customer might have will typically use in a year. The consumer may indicate his own level of usage (square footage house size, hours in use, usage frequency, etc.) to get an even more accurate estimate of his electricity usage by appliance.

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