NeonLink’s text and email system allows you to send out notifications to your customers on your schedule. These notifications can include bill ready, bill almost due, as well as shut off notices. The message can include the amount due, due date, and other information specific to the account. The text and email system can also send out a message to all your customers such as outage notifications, outage-status updates, and rate change notifications. This will help reduce time and resource-consuming customer calls.
Our Bill Notification Services are designed for easy use. Each has an intuitive “dashboard” to let you customize the message, determine when the message will be delivered, and specify which customers will receive it. The web portal , on-line bill payment, and email/IVR/text utility bill notification services, as well as all printed communications, will be customized to appear as a seamless extension of your utility’s own website, not as third-party add-ons. NeonLink will be invisible to your customers. Our intent is to do all we can to help maintain and improve your great relationship with your own customers, without getting in the way or taking any of the credit.

The following graph shows a sample of three utilities and the increase in the percentage of their customers opting to receive paperless bills during the first year of using NeonLink’s ePackage Bill Notification. Depending on your utility’s starting “paperless percentage”, you can expect similar improvements.

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